Senior Peer Counselors (SPCs): SPCs are senior volunteers trained to listen non-judgementally with compassion, understanding, and in confidentiality to their senior clients. SPCs are 'peers' on a journey with you that they themselves are taking as they struggle with and overcome their own loss and declining abilities. Clients can freely share their grief from loss of a loved one, loss of abilities, or other personal matters.

SPCs do not practice therapy, and when the need for therapy is recognized, clients are referred to licensed professionals. SPCs don't give legal, medical, or financial advice, and are not usually licensed 'therapists'. SPCs can assist seniors in the process of finding and applying for available resources to help meet their nutritional, housing, transportation, health or medical needs. Senior agencies will carefully explain all that SPCs might be able to help with.

This website is a resource to assist all seniors in discovering and accessing the services offered by the many Senior Peer Counselor programs throughout the country and around the world. Perhaps you may want to consider Life Coaching Life-Coaching focuses on a person’s present and future, with the goal of helping them to create actionable strategies to resolve important issues in their life. Counseling concentrates predominantly on the person’s past and deals with healing emotional pain.
The focus in a life-coaching relationship is on goals, action and accountability, although an experienced coach will know when to look at the past should it inform the present and help identify limiting belief systems.
for seniors. For more information on Life Coaching, click here. If you are a family member or friend with a senior adult in your life, encourage that senior to discover the many SPC resources available. There are no charges of any kind associated with this service.

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