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   There is no escaping the facts about aging. Let's face it, if we're a senior adult, and whether we want to admit it or not, we all have issues. However, one of the things that we do know for sure, it helps to share our feelings and problems with others. Fortunately there are other senior adults who care enough to listen with compassion and without judging you, they are senior peer counselors (SPCs for short).

   One of the most importent things about sharing our most personal problems, is privacy, not being overheard or scene by anyone other than the counselor. Using a cellphone, mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer are new ways clients and SPCs can work together.

   For many seniors, one or more of these options may be the most appropriate means for their particular situation. Some seniors may find it difficult to get counseling because they are homeless, confined in a nursing home or assisted living facility, shared-living housing, or other situation where there is no personal privacy available.

   Other issues may include not having the right meeting space, transportation, physical impairment, income, availaiblity of counselors, medical isolation, scheduling.

   SeniorPeerCounseling.net gives seniors the freedom to choose the time and place to meet. Using our very secure email, you have time to think about what and how to say what you're feeling. You might think about it as writing in your journal and then sharing it in private with someone else. Another way to think about it is like carrying on a conversation by letters sent in the mail, but without the delay.    Learn More >>

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