Safe & Secure Email Counseling For Seniors
Senior Peer Counseling Online

   Seniors can get help in resolving their personal issues by contacting their local senior service organization or church that provides mental health solutions for senior adults. If assistance is needed in locating an agency in your community, we can help. When making contact with an agency, you can expect to be confidentially interviewed and, if appropriate, assigned a senior peer counselor (SPC) to meet with.

   You, the agency, and your assigned SPC will determine best on how and where you and your SPC will meet, ie. in the agency's office, your home, by phone, or online. An agency may suggest, and if that is acceptable, the agency will provide you and your SPC with a unique code to access a highly secure personal online 'message' board on which to carry on your private email conversations.

   Appointments can be negotiated so response to messages are more immediate or delayed, responding as available. Terms for virtual meetings, their timing and frequency, are between you and your SPC under the supervision of the referring agency.

You can email messages to your SPC anytime 24/7 from anywhere in the world.      Read on...>>

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